Barts Kids Winter Warmers

Barts is a brand all the way from the Netherlands who specialise in delivering a creative and unique range of winter accessories every year.  This fun brand brings you quality winter accessories as well as brilliant beach shorts and we just love their childrens winter accessories!


So where did it all begin and who is Bart?  Bart Koene was born in the Netherlands in 1986.  Whilst he was on a work placement in France he started to make his own beach shorts.  He travelled along the French coast and sold his homemade beach shorts along the way.  They did so well that within 6 weeks he had sold all of them…paving the way for the Barts brand.


After this initial success, Bart decided to travel the world buying amazing fabrics along the way to make more beach shorts.  He then settled for a while in Saint-Tropez opting for a relaxed life style in a caravan by the beach selling his handmade beach shorts.  They became so popular that even famous people were snapping them up including Elton John!

After 6 years of success Bart went on to make and sell bandanas and accessories as well as his beach shorts.  This made the Barts brand much more commercially viable and in 1992 he launched the Barts brand that we all know and love in the Netherlands.  Bart began to focus on handmade winter accessories for both Barts Adults and Barts Kids.


The Barts Kids brand brings a collection of cool and creative handmade winter accessories which are made with passion, care and quality.  Each piece has a story to tell and your little one will definately stand out with a Barts Kids winter accessory.  Barts philosophy in life is to do things right or don’t do them at all and this is certainly applied through his brand.


We love Barts Kids clothing and we know you will too.  Take a look at our Barts Kids winter collection here and become a Barts fan today!