The big experiment….

Well, I’ve decided to try a little experiment! I’ve been told many, many times over that in order to improve visibility of our website,, I should be blogging. How often and on what topics is entirely up to me, but blog posts should apparently be frequent and regular, and they should be interesting. As the sole proprietor of a small but busy boutique, I don’t often have time to hoover up the dead flies in the shop window, let alone sit down and “blog”…. Big sigh. However, our lovely customers in the boutique tell me time and time again that I “buy really well”, “have a good eye”, “select unusual brands” etc etc and that “I must sell loads on-line”. Er no……

Hence the experiment. I am going to devote the next 3 months to increasing traffic to our website. By myself. No SEO expertise. I will simply do what the experts have been telling me to do and let’s see what happens. I will keep you posted by blogging any progress.

Tomorrow I will tell you a little more about our boutique in Gullane, East Lothian, our favourite brands etc etc…

Until then,

Elaine x