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Frugi frenzy!

Frugi Little Snuggle Fleece

Frugi Little Snuggle Fleece

One of the big news items in the kidswear industry this week was that Frugi, the lovely organic clothing people from Cornwall had launched their new collection. So what, lots of other brands are launching their new Autumn Winter collections I hear you say. Well, you are absolutely correct. However, for whatever reason, when Frugi launch their new collection there is always, without fail, the biggest hoo ha amongst their loyal band of Frugi-loving Mums, Dads, Grannies and Grampas to name a few. It is just a total frenzy!

Last season it was the (hideous in my humble opinion!) knee patch crawler dungarees that were changing hands on that well-known auction site for vast sums of money, way in excess of the RRP.  This season it appears to be the dinosaur crawlers for baby boys age 2 – 3 years. How bizarre! I have to say we even didn’t order them in at The Merrygoround – maybe we’re  missing a trick, who knows. I have always believed we should buy the stock we feel will suit our market and not be driven by such fads!

It’s interesting for me, as a retailer of kids clothing, that in the 10+ years we’ve been in business, I’ve never seen anything like the fuss over Frugi. Yes, their clothing is lovely. The fabrics are very soft, wash and wear very well so can be handed on and on many times. All organic cotton, so obviously ethically pleasing. The appliques are really well done (if getting a little large on some of the baby garments in my opinion!) and their pricing is sensible. But so are many other brands I could name, but they just don’t create the same buzz season after season.

Well, enough talking about Frugi for now, off to unpack the first 30 kilo box of guess what – Frugi!

Til tomorrow,

Elaine x


Lilly and Sid Baby Clothes – NEW COLLECTION JUST IN!

We have always loved UK brand Lilly and Sid and when we unpacked the new Autumn Winter 2013 collection we were certainly not disappointed. Just how the clever designer Emma comes up with these ideas we just don’t know, but she’s certainly excelled herself this Winter. There’s vintage inspired themes, gingerbread house print for girls and our favourite bright stripes in a multitude of colours – surely something for everyone from Lilly and Sid this season!


Lilly and Sid Baby Girls Tunic and Leggings Set Denim


Lilly and Sid Baby Girls Playsuit Dress


Lilly and Sid Baby Girls Dress and Leggings Set

What hasn’t changed is the lovely soft top-quality jersey cotton that Lilly and Sid use for all their baby clothing. All stripes are yarn dyed so no nasty printing chemicals are used. Styles are designed to make dressing your baby as easy as possible. T-shirts and tops have poppers at shoulders where garments needs to go over baby’s head.  Nappy changing is also made easier with poppers at the legs of all playsuits.


Lilly and Sid Baby Boys Felix Monkey Sleepsuit

Amongst the new Lilly and Sid characters introduced this season is Felix Monkey who looks fab on this little boys playsuit. The layered sleeves in bright red are a great contrast to the blue and white striped suit and fabulous appliquéd Felix Monkey stands boldly on the chest.

Just how much fun can dressing your baby boy be? We think this has to be one of the best playsuits available this season for any little monkey!

Our other favourite picks from the new Lilly and Sid baby boys collection are just as cute and comfortable. There are two long sleeve t-shirts to choose from – the first is a premium cotton marl grey t-shirt with appliquéd Felix Monkey making an appearance once again. The second t-shirt is bright pillar box red with another new character, Buxton Mouse. This unisex t-shirt is ideal for either boys or girls and looks fabulous with the our favourite piece from this collection, the Reversible Pull-On trousers. Again, ideal for baby girls or boys, these trousers are great for little ones crawling or shuffling around on their bottoms. The fabric is soft, the gently elasticated waist has mock ties at front and you can turn up the legs for perfect fit. If any little mishaps happen, no worries, quick wipe and turn them around and you’re little one still looks smart!

Lilly and Sid Unisex Baby Buxton Mouse T-Shirt Red

Lilly and Sid Unisex Baby Buxton Mouse T-Shirt Red

Lilly and Sid Baby Boys Felix Monkey T-Shirt Grey LS837

Lilly and Sid Baby Boys Felix Monkey T-Shirt Grey

Lilly and Sid Unisex Baby Reversible Trousers Red

Lilly and Sid Unisex Baby Reversible Trousers Red



Hatley Kids – Fun Clothes for Kids!

Hatley Kids are a family run business based in Canada and are by far one of our favourite brands.  Hatley specialise in rainwear and sell a very popular and fun collection of raincoats, welly boots, co-ordinating umbrellas and even pyjamas.  Their style is bursting with colour and they are extremely unique.

Hatley began their family company about 20 years ago with their mission to make the best quality clothes and gifts around.  They certainly fulfil this, with each piece designed to last and carry through to child number 2, 3, 4…

Hatley is an ethical company who are aware of their social and environmental impact, giving back to the community where their clothes are produced as much as they can.

We currently have a fabulous collection of rainwear including raincoats, welly boots and umbrellas.

hatley kids umbrella summer strawberries red


hatley kids rain coat fire trucks yellow


hatley kids welly boots butterfly dots

hatley kids rain coat pirate dogs pale blue

hatley kids welly boots fire truck yellow

Take a look at our full range of Hatley Kids clothing and don’t forget to use our economy delivery for UK orders at only £2!


Derhy Kids Dresses – Fabulous French Fashion for Girls!

We’ve just been unpacking the new Autumn Winter 2013 collection for girls from the fabulous French fashion brand Derhy Kids. It’s just so stunning we had to share it with you immediately! It’s not all available on our website just yet, but we’re working as fast as possible to make these available to you. If you’re looking for a party dress for those never-ending parties look no further than Derhy Kids dresses. They simply use the most beautiful fabrics to create the most stunning dresses.  All this at very reasonable, almost high street level, prices. The only difference is when your daughter wears a Derhy Kids dress to a party, not only will she stand out from the crowd, but she’s highly unlikely to find someone else wearing the same dress! Indeed, we only ever buy one of each Derhy Kids dress in each size for that very reason. Here’s some of our favourites….


Derhy Kids Alexandrine Dress, Black – Stunning party dress with soft stretchy bodice with beaded detail and layered net skirt. Available age 4 – 6 years up to 12 – 14 years. £48.00.



Derhy Kids Ally Voile Dress Petrol Blue Fully lined voile party dress with pretty ‘deer among the trees’ print. Beaded detail on trees. Available age 4 – 6 years up to 10 – 12 years. £42.00.


Derhy Kids Abby Knitted Dress Grey – Great fun dress with sequinned Wise Owl for cooler winter days. Available age 4 – 6 years up to 10 – 12 years. £40.00





Barts Kids Winter Warmers

Barts is a brand all the way from the Netherlands who specialise in delivering a creative and unique range of winter accessories every year.  This fun brand brings you quality winter accessories as well as brilliant beach shorts and we just love their childrens winter accessories!


So where did it all begin and who is Bart?  Bart Koene was born in the Netherlands in 1986.  Whilst he was on a work placement in France he started to make his own beach shorts.  He travelled along the French coast and sold his homemade beach shorts along the way.  They did so well that within 6 weeks he had sold all of them…paving the way for the Barts brand.


After this initial success, Bart decided to travel the world buying amazing fabrics along the way to make more beach shorts.  He then settled for a while in Saint-Tropez opting for a relaxed life style in a caravan by the beach selling his handmade beach shorts.  They became so popular that even famous people were snapping them up including Elton John!

After 6 years of success Bart went on to make and sell bandanas and accessories as well as his beach shorts.  This made the Barts brand much more commercially viable and in 1992 he launched the Barts brand that we all know and love in the Netherlands.  Bart began to focus on handmade winter accessories for both Barts Adults and Barts Kids.


The Barts Kids brand brings a collection of cool and creative handmade winter accessories which are made with passion, care and quality.  Each piece has a story to tell and your little one will definately stand out with a Barts Kids winter accessory.  Barts philosophy in life is to do things right or don’t do them at all and this is certainly applied through his brand.


We love Barts Kids clothing and we know you will too.  Take a look at our Barts Kids winter collection here and become a Barts fan today!


Old Friend Returns to The Merrygoround!

We’ve just had the best morning today unpacking boxes of new Autumn/Winter 2012 Weekend a la Mer. This is our first season with Weekend a la Mer for a couple of years and we are so excited to have this fabulous French childrenswear brand back in store.

Weekend a la MerWe’re working hard to get it all on-line as soon as possible. The collection is mainly boys, baby boys age 12 months up to 6 years.  However, we also have a beautiful compact little baby girls collection of navy and pale baby pink for girls 6 months – 23 months. Watch this space for updates on progress getting Weekend a la Mer back into The Merrygoround…..

We really feel like we’ve been re-united with an old friend!





Hatley Kids Collection At The Merrygoround

While many of us are bemoaning the wet weather, we’re enjoying a busy time with our fabulous Hatley Kids collection. Our collection was fast running out when hey presto, the lovely delivery man from TNT arrived with another 5 boxes!

Hatley of Canada are famous for their soft UPVC kids raincoats with cotton terry towelling linings.  They are also famous for their fabulous prints – some change every season – others just keep on going because of the huge demand! We’re not sure if there’s as much rain in Canada as the UK (is it possible?!) but they certainly know how to make great kids rainwear! We have tried a number of brands at The Merrygoround, but we’ve found that the Hatley kids range is the best by far.  Kids just love the funky designs, Mums love the practicality and quality (and sensible prices) and when it’s Granny buying she just can’t resist the matching boots and umbrella!

Hatley Splash Jacket Yellow BoysOne of our favourites is the Hatley Splash jacket for boys in bright yellow.It’s bright, fun and functional and most importantly it will make sure you’re little one stays dry as he stands out from the crowd! Team it up with the Hatley Neoprene Boots in Navy and Yellow and you’re all set!

The New Autumn Winter 2012 collection from Hatley kids is as strong as ever. The new prints for girls include Pink Stars and Snow Balls. As always there’s matching Raincoats, Welly Boots and Umbrellas in all designs. New for the boys in Winter 2012 it’s Dragons and Fire Trucks to keep them dry this winter. Look out for the co-ordinating Hatley Kids Pyjamas arriving at The Merrygoround later this month.

>> Click here to view the New Autumn Winter 2012 Hatley Rainwear collection


Huge selection of Kids Hats & Gloves at The Merrygoround

It’s fair to say Winter is really on it’s way now and most of us are digging out our hats and gloves once again.  Are you kids all set for what is predicted to be another cold, and probably snowy winter?

The Merrygoround has a great selection of kids hats, gloves and scarves from the great Dutch brand, Barts.  If you don’t know about Barts check out their website  Since 1986 Barts have been surprising us every year with their own unique collection of winter accessories.  If you are looking for hats and gloves, the Barts collection must be one of the best high quality, yet stylish collections available for Winter 2011.
barts kids moon bootsAs well as their now famous adult collection, Barts do a fantastic collection of hats and gloves for kids.  There are fleece hats and gloves in every colour imaginable! There is the fantastic kids Kamikaze hat which looks just as good on the ski slopes as it does shopping on the High Street! Team it up with the girls Moonboots for an ultra-warm yet stylish winter look.  These snowboots are super warm lined and have excellent grip on the soles.  Available in size UK 11 – 13 and UK 1 – 3. Order on-line and shipping is only £2.50!
barts kids baby milo hat anthracite blueBarts tell us their winter accessories are authentic, no-nonsense and designed to wear when having fun!  Judging by the number of Barts sales we have had recently at The Merrygoround, you all agree! The Barts moto is to be big by staying small, and rather be the best than the biggest!  Buy your kids Barts accessories now at The Merrygoround.


Great Selection of Kids Jackets at The Merrygoround

It’s that time again when we all dig out the kids coats and jackets, hoping they will fit for another year. If you’ve found that last years’ jacket is just a bit too small to see your little one through the long winter months, then a visit to The Merrygoround is a must!

Once again, we have a great selection of Ticket to Heaven functional outerwear for babies, boys and girls. If you don’t know the brand, Ticket to Heaven, are a Danish outerwear brand which specialises in high-quality waterproof and breathable jackets and coats in fun and funky colours and designs. We’ve been selling Ticket jackets for more than 5 years now, as we really genuinely believe these jackets hard to beat!

You don’t have to very old to experience Ticket to Heaven! The collection starts at 6 – 9 months. TheBaby Suit by Ticket to Heaven is an all-in-one snowsuit which is totally water and wind proof and breathable. The snowsuit is 100% nylon with a soft fleece lining and poly-padding lining for extra warmth. There’s a zip fastening which runs from the chin right down to the toes on one leg making dressing for the cold as easy as pie! Cuffs at wrists and ankles turn over so there’s no need to worry about mitts and bootees – all making busy mum and dad’s lives easier. Finally, of course you can machine wash and tumble dry these snowsuits so they can be worn every single day of the winter.

Our favourite boys jacket this winter is the Herbert Jacket. Fab bright red colour, it has detachable sleeves, a detachable hood and if the boys don’t like the faux fur, it’s even detachable too! Totally waterproof and breathable, the Herbert Jacket from Ticket to Heaven will ensure they boys are warm and dry. Team it up with the Barts Ski Gloves in Black and they’re ready to hit the slopes….

One of the things we dislike most at The Merrygoround is dull childrens clothes. Well, no-one can say this coat is dull….! The Helle Puffball Coat from Ticket to Heaven is the brightest coat we’ve seen in a long while! Bold flowers in shades of pink and red adorn this practical and functional coat. What more could you ask for?! The hood can be detached, as can the faux fur. Pretty A-line shape sits just above the knee and the hem has a girly puff-ball effect.

Click here to view all jackets and coats available at The Merrygoround.


Winter jackets selling fast at The Merrygoround!

The leaves are beginning to turn and most of us are beginning to think about wrapping up warm for winter.  Not surprisingly, warm winter coats and jackets are our top selling item this week at The Merrygoround.  Our range of jackets this Autumn includes our old favourite Mayoral, Joules and Puffa for the Country look, Ticket to Heaven for fabulous functionality and Pampolina for the stylish girls about town!

Mayoral have done a fabulous long belted jacketin red for girls this autumn which is literally flying out the door! It’s a great price and the girls just love the soft fur lining.  The boys collection includes old favourites like the baby boys cord duffle (shown left)and the “Barbour” jacket for boys up to age 6.  We also have a trendy slightly shiney bomber puffa-style jacketwhich the fashion-conscious boys are going for.

Danish brand Ticket to Heaven jackets are the best functional jackets we can find at a reasonable price.  The baby range once again features the popular Eugen jacket for boys and girls.  It still has the funky side zips, but this year one zip goes right down allowing the jacket to open up completely – a great imnprovement for little ones who don’t like putting clothes on over their heads!  For older kids we have puffa jackets in red and blue which are great essential winter jackets for either boys and girls.  There are also 2 stunning jackets for girls who are a little more fashion conscious – the Ellen jacket in Loganberry (slightly muted shade of purple) is very stylish with elasticated belt and deep pockets.  The Rasmine coat in bright shocking pink (pictured) comes with detachable fur round the hood and has a cute puffball effect at hem.  How much more girly can a winter coat be?!!

Joules Woozlestripe fleeces for boys andMerridie fleece for girls continue to be popular this season.  We just can’t resist anything that feels soft, warm and cuddly at this time of year!  Oh, talking of soft, warm and cuddly, we’ve just had a large delivery of JoulesSlippersocks for girls.  If you haven’t seen the slippersocks yet, they are fleecey boot shaped slippers with anti-slip suede soles.  They are available in pink stripe and light blue with multicolour spots this season – an absolute must for Christmas.  Matching dressing gowns are due in shortly.

That’s it from me for now, will blog again shortly as we have new stock arriving daily at the moment which is all very exciting!