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New Derhy Kids Clothing brand added to the website!

We’ve recently added an exciting new brand to the website; Derhy Kids!

derhy kids obituaire blouse navy

Derhy Kids is a high fashion French company based in Paris, designing fun and very funky French clothing for little girls aged 4 to 12 years old.

Derhy has captured fans since it began in the 70’s, bringing a mix of fashion forward patterns, prints and shapes designed on vibrant dresses and separate pieces.

The Merrygoround love their fresh approach to girls clothing, particularly the popular floral patterned tops and dresses. Browse through our Derhy Kidscollection today and add a touch of French fashion to your child’s wardrobe.


Sun Protection for your baby

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Everyone loves the sun, children included but if they are going to go out and have fun in it then it is important that you protect their delicate skin or they may get sunburnt.

Sun Protection for babies

At what age can my baby go out in the sun?

It is recommended that if your baby is under 6 months that you keep them out of direct sunlight, after this you can let them play in the sunshine ensuring that they are properly protected.

The sun is an important source of vitamin D for your baby, this helps your baby’s body absorb calcium which is needed for the healthy development of strong bones and teeth. A deficiency in vitamin D can cause rickets, affecting the way their bones grow and develop. Either playing outside or just having a short walk out in the sun every day will do them the world of good, so long as they are protected properly. Just bare in mind that the hottest time of day that the sun is out is between 11am and 3pm.

What do I need to know about suntan lotion?

Sun lotion should be of at least factor 15, the higher the factor, the better the protection. Apply the suntan lotion to every bit of your child’s body that is not protected from clothing, don’t forget their hands and feet as well as their little noses and ears! Put the suntan lotion on half an hour before your child goes outdoors to give it a chance to soak into the skin and reapply it every couple of hours or straight after they have played in water. Even if a suntan lotion says it is waterproof it is best to still reapply, as it will not be as strong as it was.

Babies have very sensitive skin so it is best to test the suntan lotion on a small area of skin first before you slather it over their whole body. Try and buy a suntan lotion with a small list of ingredients and as natural as possible, making it kinder to your child’s skin.

Sun Protection Clothing – what clothes are best?

baby banz sun hat

Obviously the sun is hot and whilst it is best for your little one to wear clothing to protect them from the sun, don’t go too over the top otherwise they will get too hot!

It is advisable that your child wears a hat that shades their face, ears and neck. Some babies do not like wearing hats and enjoy playing the ‘I can pull my hat off!’ game…sometimes you may be able to hold the hat on for a few seconds until their attention is diverted. If your baby really does not want to wear a hat then don’t force them, try to either keep them in the shade or put suntan lotion or sunblock on their bald spots, rub it into their thin hair if you have too!

Shoulders are very sensitive in the sun so it is important to dress your child in a top that covers their shoulders on hot days and a loose pair of cotton trousers will keep them cool, and protect their legs too.

Should my baby wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses are not a necessity but they do protect their eyes from the sun. If you decide to get your child a pair it might be easier to encourage them to wear them from the age of six months, but again don’t force them to wear them if they really are not happy with them on their face.

Sunglass such as Kids Banz or Baby Banz fit very comfortably and the strap goes around the back of your child’s head to make them stay on better. Make sure that you keep the lenses clean for them, put their glasses on at the same time you put yours on and wait until you are outdoors to wear them.

Kids Baby Banz

Whilst it is important that you protect your child from the sun, make sure that you let them have fun in it too. Whip out the paddling pool, have a kick about or a picnic in the park, just be sure to enjoy the sun while it’s here!




New Spring Summer 2013 D’Arcy Brown collection!

We are continuing to add lots of new and exciting stock to our website and this week it’s the NEW Spring Summer 2013 D’Arcy Brown collection!

darcy brown girls cartwheel dress soft fushia polka dot

D’Arcy Brown has been running since 2002 by a couple who wanted to create unique quality clothing that still made children look like children. Their clothing is modern and practical, and at the same time the materials are designed from high quality fabrics with classic cuts, making children feel wonderful.

Here is our Top 5 favourite D’Arcy Brown pieces from the New Spring Summer 2013 collection:

5. D’Arcy Brown baby girls willow romper with big blue polka dots
4. D’Arcy Brown baby boys striped shorts in navy
3. D’Arcy Brown girls bacall jersey dress French blue knit
2. D’Arcy Brown baby boys simple tank top sky bear
1. D’Arcy Brown baby girls maritime romper bluebell stripe

The D’Arcy Brown aim is to always deliver good quality, stylish classic clothes at sensible prices and they definitely succeed with this.


Didriksons Kids Clothing Size Guide Chart

Take a look at the Didriksons Kids size guide chart to help you decide on the size your child will need before ordering.

Didriksons Kids Size Guide Chart

Here’s our selection of Didriksons Kids clothes.


Didriksons Spring 2013 Collection

We’ve just added some gorgeous Didriksons fleeces and waterproof suits to the website from the Didriksons Spring 2013 collection.

Didriksons Waterproof Fleeces and Rain Sets

Didriksons is the market leader in producing quality and modern functional clothing. They have been running since 1913 when Julius and Hanna Didrikson began to manufacture oil garments in Sweden due to the constant need of these items from the local fishermen.

In 1947, the welding machine broke out and was capable of making oil garments waterproof. In 1981, the first polyurethane materials were developed and developments of rain sets made from breathable materials began to revolutionise the rainwear market.

The Didriksons Kids range is brilliantly bright, fun and stylish with supreme functionality. All of their products ensure that your child has the best protection, whatever the weather.

Take a look at our Didriksons Spring 2013 collection. Once you’ve owned a Didriksons, you will be back for more!



the merrygoround sale

Spice up your littles ones wardrobe for 2013 with a wide range of fabulous discounts from our end of season sale!  Great prices on designer childrenswear from top brands, get your bargains while stocks last!


Barts Kids Winter Warmers

Barts is a brand all the way from the Netherlands who specialise in delivering a creative and unique range of winter accessories every year.  This fun brand brings you quality winter accessories as well as brilliant beach shorts and we just love their childrens winter accessories!


So where did it all begin and who is Bart?  Bart Koene was born in the Netherlands in 1986.  Whilst he was on a work placement in France he started to make his own beach shorts.  He travelled along the French coast and sold his homemade beach shorts along the way.  They did so well that within 6 weeks he had sold all of them…paving the way for the Barts brand.


After this initial success, Bart decided to travel the world buying amazing fabrics along the way to make more beach shorts.  He then settled for a while in Saint-Tropez opting for a relaxed life style in a caravan by the beach selling his handmade beach shorts.  They became so popular that even famous people were snapping them up including Elton John!

After 6 years of success Bart went on to make and sell bandanas and accessories as well as his beach shorts.  This made the Barts brand much more commercially viable and in 1992 he launched the Barts brand that we all know and love in the Netherlands.  Bart began to focus on handmade winter accessories for both Barts Adults and Barts Kids.


The Barts Kids brand brings a collection of cool and creative handmade winter accessories which are made with passion, care and quality.  Each piece has a story to tell and your little one will definately stand out with a Barts Kids winter accessory.  Barts philosophy in life is to do things right or don’t do them at all and this is certainly applied through his brand.


We love Barts Kids clothing and we know you will too.  Take a look at our Barts Kids winter collection here and become a Barts fan today!


ENDED: WIN Little Joules Designer Children’s Clothing!

We are delighted to be giving away a super soft Little Joules fleece to help keep your little cherub snug and looking good this winter.

The winner will be given the option to choose between either the Little Joules Merridie fleece for girls or the Little Joules Woozle fleece for boys, available in a range of colours and sizes subject to availability. Both fleeces are lightweight and super soft to touch.

little joules jnr woozle boys fleece sweatshirt multilittle joules jnr merridie girls fleece navyEvery season the designers at Little Joules delight us by making tiny improvements to our favorite fleeces, the Merridie fleece for girls and the Woozle fleece for boys. Whether they offer us new colours, new stripes or even no stripes at all, one things for sure, we all still love these fleeces! The key to their success has to be that aside from being incredibly soft and warm, they look great over almost anything and kids just want to wear them over and over again. Lots of wearing isn’t a problem though, because being 100% polyester these Little Joules kids fleeces just wash up beautifully every time. Quick 30 degree wash should be all that’s required and your little one will be back wearing their newly washed favorite fleece in no time at all!

The Merrygoround sells a great selection of hand picked children’s designer clothes for newborn babies right through to girls and boys up to the age of 10 years old. Choose from top quality brands including Barts kids, Little Joules, Ticket to Heaven, Mayoral clothing and many more, giving your little one the chance to stand out from the crowd.

To Enter:

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning our fabulous competition, all you have to do is send us an email to with your name, address and phone number with the subject header ‘I want a Little Joules fleece!’.

To gain an additional entry to our prize draw and to increase your chances of winning then ‘like’ us on our Facebook page and share our competition with your Facebook or Twitter friends. Let us know by leaving a comment on our wall. If you are already a fan of The Merrygoround then you will be entered automatically into our competition.


Competition closing date is midnight on 1st December 2012, only UK residents can apply.

We will pick the winner at random and contact you by email. Once you let us know the age and sex of your child and fleece colour preference (subject to availability), we will dispatch your prize within 3 working days. If we do not get a response from you within 2 weeks, your prize will be forfeited to the next randomly selected winner.

We are always adding fabulous new items to our website. Browse through our wonderful collections today and make sure you check back regularly.

Thank you for entering and good luck from The Merrygoround!

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Old Friend Returns to The Merrygoround!

We’ve just had the best morning today unpacking boxes of new Autumn/Winter 2012 Weekend a la Mer. This is our first season with Weekend a la Mer for a couple of years and we are so excited to have this fabulous French childrenswear brand back in store.

Weekend a la MerWe’re working hard to get it all on-line as soon as possible. The collection is mainly boys, baby boys age 12 months up to 6 years.  However, we also have a beautiful compact little baby girls collection of navy and pale baby pink for girls 6 months – 23 months. Watch this space for updates on progress getting Weekend a la Mer back into The Merrygoround…..

We really feel like we’ve been re-united with an old friend!





Toffee Moon Baby Collection all Half Price

One of our favourite baby brands at The Merrygoround is Toffee Moon and once again their collection has sold really well. The soft cotton fabrics are just gorgeous and everyone who buys it enthuses about how well it washes time after time. What more could you want for your special little one? And now you can have all of this with a massive 50% off!

toffee moon boys sale

Look no further for a great selection of Toffee Moon for baby boys and girls. The Toffee Moon spring summer collection for 2012 was one of their best yet and we have just reduced the whole Spring Summer Toffee Moon collection at The Merrygoround by a massive 50%. Check out the collection here – Toffee Moon Baby Collection.

One of the best things about Toffee Moon is the weight of their fabrics doesn’t change too much season to season so most of the Spring Summer collection is perfectly suitable for Autumn and Winter.  We still have lots of baby sizes in stock – 0 – 3 months up to 9 – 12 months. Go on, take a look – Toffee Moon baby collection.