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NEW Mitty James Swimwear Collection 2013

We have been busy over the last couple of weeks adding lots of new products and brands to the website ready for the summer.

mitty james girls navy big white spot frill swimsuit

Our latest addition is one of our favourties; Mitty James kids swimwear. If you haven’t heard of Mitty James before then you are in for a real treat! Mitty James design stunning swimsuits, swimming trunks and shorts and swim nappies in a range or cool and classic designs for babies and children.

The clever designers at Mitty James use soft, warm and sun repelling materials when it comes to making their swimwear pieces, ensuring that your child has tons of fun whilst wearing a Mitty James!

Take a look at our Mitty James swimwear collection.


Desigual Kids Clothing Size Guide Chart

Please see below the Desigual Kids Clothing Size Guide Chart to help you buy the right sized piece of Desigual Kids clothing for your child the first time round.

Desigual Kids Clothing Size Guide Chart


New Derhy Kids Clothing brand added to the website!

We’ve recently added an exciting new brand to the website; Derhy Kids!

derhy kids obituaire blouse navy

Derhy Kids is a high fashion French company based in Paris, designing fun and very funky French clothing for little girls aged 4 to 12 years old.

Derhy has captured fans since it began in the 70’s, bringing a mix of fashion forward patterns, prints and shapes designed on vibrant dresses and separate pieces.

The Merrygoround love their fresh approach to girls clothing, particularly the popular floral patterned tops and dresses. Browse through our Derhy Kidscollection today and add a touch of French fashion to your child’s wardrobe.


Sun Protection for your baby

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Everyone loves the sun, children included but if they are going to go out and have fun in it then it is important that you protect their delicate skin or they may get sunburnt.

Sun Protection for babies

At what age can my baby go out in the sun?

It is recommended that if your baby is under 6 months that you keep them out of direct sunlight, after this you can let them play in the sunshine ensuring that they are properly protected.

The sun is an important source of vitamin D for your baby, this helps your baby’s body absorb calcium which is needed for the healthy development of strong bones and teeth. A deficiency in vitamin D can cause rickets, affecting the way their bones grow and develop. Either playing outside or just having a short walk out in the sun every day will do them the world of good, so long as they are protected properly. Just bare in mind that the hottest time of day that the sun is out is between 11am and 3pm.

What do I need to know about suntan lotion?

Sun lotion should be of at least factor 15, the higher the factor, the better the protection. Apply the suntan lotion to every bit of your child’s body that is not protected from clothing, don’t forget their hands and feet as well as their little noses and ears! Put the suntan lotion on half an hour before your child goes outdoors to give it a chance to soak into the skin and reapply it every couple of hours or straight after they have played in water. Even if a suntan lotion says it is waterproof it is best to still reapply, as it will not be as strong as it was.

Babies have very sensitive skin so it is best to test the suntan lotion on a small area of skin first before you slather it over their whole body. Try and buy a suntan lotion with a small list of ingredients and as natural as possible, making it kinder to your child’s skin.

Sun Protection Clothing – what clothes are best?

baby banz sun hat

Obviously the sun is hot and whilst it is best for your little one to wear clothing to protect them from the sun, don’t go too over the top otherwise they will get too hot!

It is advisable that your child wears a hat that shades their face, ears and neck. Some babies do not like wearing hats and enjoy playing the ‘I can pull my hat off!’ game…sometimes you may be able to hold the hat on for a few seconds until their attention is diverted. If your baby really does not want to wear a hat then don’t force them, try to either keep them in the shade or put suntan lotion or sunblock on their bald spots, rub it into their thin hair if you have too!

Shoulders are very sensitive in the sun so it is important to dress your child in a top that covers their shoulders on hot days and a loose pair of cotton trousers will keep them cool, and protect their legs too.

Should my baby wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses are not a necessity but they do protect their eyes from the sun. If you decide to get your child a pair it might be easier to encourage them to wear them from the age of six months, but again don’t force them to wear them if they really are not happy with them on their face.

Sunglass such as Kids Banz or Baby Banz fit very comfortably and the strap goes around the back of your child’s head to make them stay on better. Make sure that you keep the lenses clean for them, put their glasses on at the same time you put yours on and wait until you are outdoors to wear them.

Kids Baby Banz

Whilst it is important that you protect your child from the sun, make sure that you let them have fun in it too. Whip out the paddling pool, have a kick about or a picnic in the park, just be sure to enjoy the sun while it’s here!




New Spring Summer 2013 D’Arcy Brown collection!

We are continuing to add lots of new and exciting stock to our website and this week it’s the NEW Spring Summer 2013 D’Arcy Brown collection!

darcy brown girls cartwheel dress soft fushia polka dot

D’Arcy Brown has been running since 2002 by a couple who wanted to create unique quality clothing that still made children look like children. Their clothing is modern and practical, and at the same time the materials are designed from high quality fabrics with classic cuts, making children feel wonderful.

Here is our Top 5 favourite D’Arcy Brown pieces from the New Spring Summer 2013 collection:

5. D’Arcy Brown baby girls willow romper with big blue polka dots
4. D’Arcy Brown baby boys striped shorts in navy
3. D’Arcy Brown girls bacall jersey dress French blue knit
2. D’Arcy Brown baby boys simple tank top sky bear
1. D’Arcy Brown baby girls maritime romper bluebell stripe

The D’Arcy Brown aim is to always deliver good quality, stylish classic clothes at sensible prices and they definitely succeed with this.


Didriksons Kids Clothing Size Guide Chart

Take a look at the Didriksons Kids size guide chart to help you decide on the size your child will need before ordering.

Didriksons Kids Size Guide Chart

Here’s our selection of Didriksons Kids clothes.


Baby & Kids Shoe Sizes Guide

Babies and children come in many different sizes and we all know how quickly they grow! Please see the below shoe size guide as a rough guideline to help you pick the right size shoes for your little one.

Baby & Kids Shoe Sizes Guide

Take a look at our baby shoes and kids shoes today with our fantastic selection of designer shoes at great prices from The Merrygoround!


When does baby need their first walking shoes?

When your baby is between 10-16 months, they will likely to have been crawling for a while and as they learn to walk it is best to let them do it barefoot around the house. Going barefoot and being able to feel the floor properly beneath their feet will help to balance and coordinate steps, it will also help their feet to develop naturally without restricting shoes.

Babies have very soft bones and by wearing shoes too early it can squash their feet, preventing them from growing properly. If you decide that you’d like your baby to wear shoes before they can walk for protection then it is important you choose soft shoes with a light and bendy non-slip sole, getting the right size is very important.

When your little one takes their first magical steps, you may notice that they look a bit flat-footed. This is due to small fat deposits in their feet as well as the way that they waddle whilst learning to walk. By the time they hit 3 years old they should begin to develop an arch and their flat foot should disappear.

So to answer the question ‘when does your baby need their first pair of walking shoes?’, we would advise once they have been walking about comfortably for about 6 weeks and they only really need shoes when they are walking outside. Experts from The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists say that toddlers do not need to wear shoes until they can walk well and after about 6 weeks of toddling it will be time for their first pair of walking shoes.
inch blue ellie & baby soft leather shoes grapeA well fitted shoe is very important when it comes to babies and children’s feet. A properly fitted pair of shoes should be wide enough for your baby’s toes to lie flat, the heel should be held securely in place without slipping in and out when they’re walking and there should be approximately 1cm of growing room between your baby’s big toe and the end of the shoe.

Babies and children’s feet grow very quickly so you will need to check their shoes every 6-8 weeks to make sure that they still fit properly. If you can feel toes against the front of the shoe, then you need to buy a new pair. Up to the age of 4, your baby’s feet will grow around 2 sizes a year and then about 1 size a year after this.

Most toddlers toes face inwards from the age of 1 until they are around 3 years old. This is called pigeon-toed and they should correct themselves by the time they get to 3. If they don’t correct themselves or you find your little one is falling over more than you think they should, talk to your doctor for peace of mind.

It’s always best for your baby’s feet to buy a new pair of baby shoes, we don’t advise second hand shoes because the soles will have worn down to another child’s walking style and they will have already molded to that child’s foot shape. The Merrygoround sell a fab range of first walking shoes for babies from the likes of Funky Feet and Inch Blue, all of which are made from soft, breathable materials, giving total comfort for little growing feet.

Take a look at our Babies and Kids Shoe Sizes Guide, we are available to give any shoe advice if needed, so feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help get your little one toddling about the great outdoors!


HUGE Savings on Ticket Outdoor Clothing

The Merrygoround is currently having a HUGE January sale with up to 50% off! One of the brands included in our big price reductions is Ticket Outdoor, formerly known as Ticket to Heaven.

Ticket Outdoor specialise in creating functional outerwear that are not only practical, easy to wear but also look great. They have behind them an impressive 18 years of experience in design and production of quality outdoor clothing.
ticket outdoor baby boys kasim jacket navy starsTicket Outdoor really do think of everything when it comes to designing children’s jackets and snowsuits. They are extremely easy to put on and off with the help of a smooth nylon lining on the inside and the quality and functionality of every piece is as unobtrusive as possible to your child’s play.

Ticket Outdoor’s jackets come with a long lifetime and the quality of each piece is made to last as long as possible across the changing seasons and unpredictable weather. Most of their Spring and Autumn jackets have a detachable fleece lining on the inside, making them perfect for when the weather unexpectedly changes from hot to cold.

As well as focusing on producing the best outdoor clothing, another important issue that Ticket Outdoor emphasise on is safety. Working closely with the Danish Institute of Technology, Ticket Outdoor ensure that clothes are tested thoroughly and are led and toxin free. Their products fit in line with the latest rules and regulations so you can be highly assured with the safety of their outdoor clothing.

ticket outdoor baby girls snowsuit cerise pinkTicket Outdoor recently underwent a name change, changing their name from Ticket to Heaven to Ticket Outdoor. This name change was made so that they can concentrate solely on what they do best; outdoor clothing. The new name and logo is a bold step into the direction of what they do best, quality and functional outdoor clothing.

Take a look at our range of Ticket Outdoor’s jackets and snowsuits now to bag yourself a bargain while stocks last!






the merrygoround sale

Spice up your littles ones wardrobe for 2013 with a wide range of fabulous discounts from our end of season sale!  Great prices on designer childrenswear from top brands, get your bargains while stocks last!